The Mouse That Roars: A Shy Girl's Guide to Living Courageously by Karen Williams

The Mouse That Roars is all about my personal journey...

  • Read how I transformed from a 14-year-old mouse into a polished, confident entrepreneur who travels the world, and does crazy things like jumping out of planes and walking on hot coals.

  • Discover the turning points that changed the course of my life forever, like the few words that my boss said to me in 2006, which led to me becoming a coach and setting up my business.

  • Find out how I persuaded 11 successful coaches to be involved in my first book in 2009, and how writing my books have put me on the map and enabled me to reach more clients.

  • Learn about the 'Year to Live' project which I started in 2012. This changed my whole approach to the way I live my life, and do the things that scare me, as well as cope with life's challenges.

  • Be inspired with strategies to live consciously and courageously, make the most of every moment, and cope with the inevitable ups and downs on your journey.

If you are a shy mouse on the outside who needs help finding your inner roar, then you need this book.


If you have a bigger message to share with the world and need a nudge to make it happen, then this is your nudge!


It's your time to find out who you are, why you're here, what you are good at, and how to (not so) quietly change the world.


Thank you and I look forward to inspiring you with my book!


Karen x

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