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Book Marketing Made Simple: A Practical Guide to Selling, Launching and Promoting your Business Building Book

There has never been a better time for coaches, consultants and therapists to write and publish a business building book. With a great idea, a clear strategy, and a well-formed marketing plan, your book will help grow your business and attract more clients.


I'm Karen Williams and in my latest book I'll show you easy to follow strategies to promote your book at all stages of your journey - from the day you start to write it until after your book has been launched - so that you can use it as an effective and successful business building tool.


Broken down into three main sections (pre-launch, launch and post-launch strategies), the book covers blogging, podcasts, videos, social media, webinars, networking, crowdfunding, book launch party, Amazon bestseller launch, PR and media coverage, speaking, creating income from your book, and much more - including little known strategies that work!

About Book Marketing Made Simple

Too many business owners decide to write a book, and then do nothing with it. 


They fail to promote it early enough and wait until their launch to start talking about it.


Some spend their time and energy writing it, see their shiny new book with their name on the cover, but fail to market it effectively. 


They may lose steam and run out of time and energy once it's published.


They may feel fearful about sticking their head about the parapet and worry about what their readers may have to say.


And others simply don't know what to do first. They get overwhelmed with all the things that they could do, so don't do anything.


That's why I've written Book Marketing Made Simple.


In this book, I'll show you how you can:

  • Create compelling content to develop your online profile, build your credibility and become an expert in your field.

  • Integrate your online marketing, blogs, newsletter, social media, podcasts, video and webinars to develop a community of people who love what you do.

  • Connect with partners who will become your raving fans, and develop strategies to promote your wisdom through networking, connections and speaking.

  • Make money from your book and promote your expertise before you've even published and launched it.

  • Use your book as the framework to produce profitable products and programmes to build passive income streams from your book.

  • Promote your book successfully, reach the Amazon bestseller lists, and create a buzz with your launch.

  • Raise awareness of your book with many other little known ways to keep you visible way after you've finished it.



Some superb hints and tips contained within the book that I will use for marketing my own book. Helping to navigate the social media minefields was just what I needed, and information about Goodreads was new to me. 


I loved the detailed tips for the physical launch party, and the other options of a virtual launch, or an Amazon bestseller launch were intriguing options. I am already implementing the advice and reaping the rewards, thank you!



Jane Langston

The Amatsu Training School Ltd, and co-author of Making Sense of Learning Human Anatomy and Physiology

Karen has written a book that works.


It is a great read, with many case studies and stories, and at the same time is a supremely practical guide to the whole process of marketing a book.


Starting with the very first glimmer of your idea - through writing, promoting, funding, and publishing – with detailed guidance all the way, this book comes highly recommended.




Mary Lunnen

Dare to Blossom Life Coaching, and author of Dare to Blossom: Coaching and Creativity

Writing a book is only part of the challenge, selling it is another and each require very different skills and knowledge sets. 


In this book Karen clearly demonstrates the huge range of marketing opportunities that begin even before putting pen to paper. 


Your challenge after reading this book will no longer be how to market your book, but more, which of these great methods to choose. An invaluable practical guide to marketing your masterpiece.

Louise Wiles

Thriving Abroad, and author of Thriving Abroad: The Definitive Guide to International Relocation Success

About Karen Williams

Karen Williams is one of the UK's leading Book Mentors. She's inspired hundreds of business authors who want to write a book that positions them as an expert and becomes a business building tool.


If you have a story to tell, wisdom to share or a legacy to leave behind, Karen and the Librotas team are here to help you to turn your dream into a successfully published book.


Karen is the bestselling author of six business books, a TEDx speaker and firewalk instructor! She knows what it takes to write and publish a book that builds your credibility, demonstrates your expertise and helps you become an authority.

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